Killington Mountain - Sunrise Village



With six mountain peaks and over 75 miles of terrain Killington has more than something for everyone. From gentle beginner, to groomed intermediate, to bump runs, to trees and extreme, Killington has it all. Perennially, Killington's season lasts longer than any other resort in the East; they are first to open and last to close. And for those who wish to ski all day and party all night the Killington night life is legendary. Killington is still King of the East; they are the resort that all others measure themselves against.


 Upstairs Bedroom               Looking from dining room


 Downstairs Bedroom              Indoor pool at rec center


 Living Room                         Twin bedroom number 2


 Twin Beds                            On site health club


 kitchen to LR view                  Kitchen.


  Outdoor poo                         Living room


 Living room fireplace.            Surround sound TV/DVD  and VCR.               



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